CG Referral Program 2020 EDM_with TnCs

CaregiverAsia welcomes local healthcare professionals with relevant experience to join us as freelance caregivers. We are looking for Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Babysitters, Confinement Nannies, Care Companions and Medical Escorts to come onboard with us.

Receive a Cash Reward when you refer your friend to be a Freelance Caregiver!1

Type of Caregiver Referred Cash Reward You Will Receive Min No. of Hours of Work for the Caregiver to Complete with CGA
Nurse $50 30
Healthcare Assistant $35 25
Babysitter or Confinement Nanny $30 23
Care Companion or Medical Escort $20 20

1In order for you to receive the cash reward, your referred caregiver has to complete the minimum number of hours of work with us, according to their job type. Please take note that your referred caregiver has to be a Singaporean/PR, due to local regulations stipulating that freelancing positions are open to Singaporeans and PRs only.

Your referred friend will receive CaregiverAsia's Onboarding Package plus a Nurse Bag with Medical Supplies (worth $25)!2

2Your friend will receive the Onboarding Package before starting work with us. Once he/she has completed the minimum number of working hours, he/she can redeem one of the above benefits.

What's unique about CaregiverAsia's Onboarding Package?

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance: The professional indemnity insurance is offered to CaregiverAsia's freelance caregivers in collaboration with Great Eastern. Throughout their course of duty, caregivers may encounter unforeseen circumstances that may render them liable. The professional indemnity insurance covers caregivers for up to $100,000 for claims made against them by their clients, as well as expenses incurred in the settlement of legal issues. With a financial safety net like this, caregivers can provide care with peace of mind.
  • Profile Writing: An online profile is akin to having one's resume up on display, except that it is more concise. How can a caregiver bring across her experience and expertise succinctly yet convince clients to engage her service among other caregivers? Leave the profile writing to us! Simply provide us with the relevant details, and we will fill in the blanks!
Know a Singaporean or PR who's looking for flexible healthcare opportunities? Refer her today!