What's worse than having incontinence issues is to wear uncomfortable diapers that cannot block odour well and have poor absorbent properties. Worrying about urine leakage while sipping your favourite cup of coffee? Panicking over the odd gazes from people around you due to the odour emitted from the diapers? Fidgeting in your sleep as the material used in the diapers itches your skin?

Wearing diapers does not have to be a pain in the ass (literally and figuratively). Introducing Acty Diapers which are made in Japan! With two new technology developments, a new plant-derived material 'Cellulose Nanofiber' (ultra-fine fibres which were unraveled by special chemical treatment from wood pulp) provides our pant diapers with a super deodorising effect. The pant diapers remain odourless throughout usage. This feature also provides a good antibacterial function to prevent rashes and infections. To keep your skin dry, soft and comfortable, a cushion-like 3D sheet is used on the top sheet.
Watch the video below to find out how Acty pant diapers makes your daily life easier!
Want to be out and about during the day with an ease of mind while sleeping at night? Choose from any of the pant diapers available to cater to your needs!
  • Slim Pants (for day use): The ultra-thin 3mm absorption core allows for light and burden-free usage.
  • Ultra Pants (for day & night use): The fully breathable material allows for a swelter-free experience while giving you the protection you need while asleep. 
  • Unisex Insert Pad (for day use): Easily adheres onto the diapers with standing flaps to prevent side leaks. Comes in a two-fold V-shaped design for a more secure fit. If you find it inconvenient to keep on replacing the diapers, the Insert Pad comes in handy. 

View more about the features of the pant diapers and step-by-step instructions on how to put them on below:




For a limited period of time, we are giving out a complimentary pack of pant diapers* to you, so that you can try for yourself the wonders of Acty Diapers. To redeem the samples, simply submit the form, then sit back and relax while waiting for the diapers to be delivered to you!

*Limited to one set of free samples per household address, while stocks last.

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